Geocoding addresses for Google Maps and Google Earth

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To geocode your adresses for google earth or google maps, the basic steps are:

1) find the coordinate points of your list of addresses

Batchgeo lets you download an Excel sheet which you can fill in and then paste into the system. It will create a map and it will send you the link. In the link, you can choose to 'edit the data'. This will open batchgeo with a data spreadsheet in the paste area. This data contains the latitude / longitude coordinates of all the adresses. You need these for the next step.

2) Google Earth Outreach Spreadsheet Mapper

This gives you another google documents spreadsheet which you fill in step by step. This will eventually generate a KML for you for Google Earth, but also for Google Maps.

There is also an excel sheet that should do it using the Yahoo geocoding system

The Google Maps Position Finder Applet shows you the GPS coordinates of the location you click on maps

There are a few more possibilities when trying to find the GPS coordinates.

If there are more than 400 data points, Google Funsion Tables allows you to import larger datasets into Maps / Earth.

KMLGeocoder and KMLReport are two programmes you can install. One will geocode for you, the other will report on successrate. Instructions here