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http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/index.php Official forum


How to install OTA on the Gladiator NXT/EVO

Software tutorials - Exploiting the ministick


Go to Tools in the top, then on the bottom to Test and in the middle to Axes. Click start calibration, move all the axes fully, maybe click on pov hats and then move them all the way as well. After having done this, end calibration.


VKB Sim Gunfighter MK III Modern Combat Grip Pro

VKB Sim Gladiator NXT EVO OTA


Thingiverse 3D hat / castle collection: Hotas & FlightSim POV/Hat Switches - 2 ways, 3 ways, 4 ways! Tons of variations of switch tops! (INCLUDES SOURCE SKETCHUP FILES)

How to create template files

Download pictures from vkbcontrollers.com

Use the following guide to convert the pictures to black and white pencil drawings in GIMP: How to Convert an Image to Pencil Drawing in GIMP

Import the pictures into one of the SVG files in Inkscape. Rearrange and copy / paste the boxes (the NXT EVO guide is easiest to edit, it has groups)

Export as a PDF in Inkscape

Open the PDF Adobe Acrobat. Go to Tools -> Forms -> Create. Import from the open PDF. Once they are there you will need to make slight corrections. You can copy / paste fields, resize and rename them. Double click for properties. Certain properties you can edit if you select all the fields. Make sure the fields are multiline.