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Breitling B55 Can't / Won't connect with the app through bluetooth

obvious solutions

  • Close the app on the phone entirely and then open it again.
  • On the Breitling B55 Make sure connection under SETTINGS is set to ON.
  • make sure bluetooth on phone is on.

if above doesn't work, or phone won't find the Breitling G55 at all, or phone will find the Breitling G55 and display it in the app but the Breitling G55 won't show the password

  • make sure the connection setting is set to on (SETTING - CONNECTION - ON)
  • go to BATTERY mode, pull the crown, select 'DEEP SLEEP' and then long press / press and hold p1 (the top button)
  the watch will go to the 12 o'clock button. the top display will say 'WAIT'. It will stay there for a LONG LONG time.
  After the WAIT has gone from the display, connect the charger and remove the charger
  • You should have reset the watch, so when you turn it on you will have to synchronise (set) the hands again and set the time and date

if it still doesn't connect

You may have to empty / drain the Breitling B55 battery first and then recharge it.

Breitling G55 says LOCKED when you turn the crown

You lock the G55 to the selected mode when you triple press the button on the crown. To unlock, press the crown button three times and it will say UNLOCKED