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Deep learning primer (video)

AI Playbook by Andreessen Horowitz

Deep Learning

An MIT Press book

Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville

Sutton & Barto 2nd edition


Understanding Machine Learning: From Theory to Algorithms



Learn TensorFlow and deep learning, without a Ph.D.


Khan Academy Linear Algebra

OpenAI Gym

Script to figure out what an space_action is doing

action = 0  # modify this!
o = env.reset()
for i in xrange(5): # repeat one action for five times
    o = env.step(action)[0]
        o[:,140:142]  # extract your bat
    ).resize((300, 300))  # bigger image, easy for visualization

From here


Kickstarter dataset

in vim the following:


Then delete the space at the end of the file


head -n 10 Kickstarter_2017-10-15T10_20_38_271Z.json | awk '{print "["} BEGIN {RS=""}{ gsub(/\n/,", &") ; print } END{print "]"}'
awk '{print "["} BEGIN {RS=""}{ gsub(/\n/,", \n") ; print } {print "]"}'

To explore the category

jq '.[]' Kickstarter_2017-09-15T22_20_48_432Z.json | sort -u > categorylist09

jq '.[]' Kickstarter_2017-08-15T22_20_51_958Z.json | sort -u > categorylist08

cat categorylist08 categorylist09 | sort -u > categorylist

NB using uniq here won't work as this only looks for the first occurence

Indigogo dataset

Useful file manipulation

jq . filename (for jason queries) (see also Jq json file manipulation)

wc -l filename (counts amount of lines)

head -n 10 filename > filename2 (sends top 10 lines of code to filename2)

NB. sed can't find and replace newlines as it encapsulates the file being streamed and gets rid of the newlines.