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You need a wallet to transfer currency from and to. There are two types of wallet: online and offline. Hosted or self hosted. You can recreate a wallet at any time if you know the following: a wallet id wallet public key a wallet private key (which is an encoded version of your passphrase)

wallets will give you a receiving adres, usually as a string as well as a QR code. Rhis is also the wallet id.

To safely store you wallet you need to print out the passphrase / private key seperately from the public key and then delete the files from your PC.

A consideration when choosing a wallet is if it allows you to chose your own transaction fees or if it forces the fees on you.

Online - also has a balance check

Warning: online wallets and exchanges have been known to disappear and run with the money. They are convenient but there is a risk!

Self hosted

Bitcoin Armory doesn't work and requires you to download bitcoin core and the whole blockchain (which is +- 100GB!!!) Stay away from that!

Electrum Wallet works under linux mint and also has a mobile version.


mtgox the big bitcoin trader went bust and took all the money

Bitcoin to Cash

3 ways:

  • virtual exchange (you trust them to send you the money)

BTC direct Litebit

  • Broker (they match up a buyer with a seller - nb your wallet has to be online for the transaction to take place)


  • In person (they give you their BTC wallet address and give you money somehow when you press send)

Bitcoin to other virtual currencies

Exodus Offline wallet that converts to all kinds (allthough, is it offline? It has an email recovery!)




Coins2coins calculator

Bitcoin to products

Purse converts your BTC and buys products on Amazon for you with it.

Bitcoin charts and statistics


coinwarz exchange and difficulty rates

blockchain (Only Bitcoin)

Virtual Currencies

Bitcoin BTC


Use BTC in Las Vegas

pay for porn with BTC

Zerocoin Anonymous currency



Dogecoin powers Jamaican bobsled team

How bitcoin mining works:

a bit of info



Alpha Technology

Flower Technology Orchid Scrypt miner

Fibonacci scrypt miner

Guides to building a machine:




What does difficulty mean:

How difficult are litecoins?:

Mining profit calculator:

Coinwarz mining calculator



Regulation and crimes

Bitcoin US Senate Hearing

BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem Arrested for Money Laundering

Bitcoins legality around the world

Russia bans bitcoin

Meetups and communities

Bitcoin Meetups in the Hague

Cryptocointalk forum